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We present you… marketing automation!

I’m sure you’ve already heard about Marketing Automation a couple times by now. But what is it that everyone is talking about? Well, in a nutshell; Marketing Automation refers to software tools that automate marketing actions that you’d otherwise have to do manually and repeatedly.

The Marketing Automation Playbook!

The tool that has it all

Marketing automation has so much more to offer than just email automation. It’s safe to say marketing automation tools have it all !
Take a look at the wide range of applications it has to offer:

Personal bulk emails

Marketing automation allows you to send an email to multiple contacts at once, as if it was sent from your personal account. Track who has received and opened your email and who has clicked your url. Moreover, you will be able to scheduele an email flow ahead of time.

Landing pages and forms

Easily create landing pages and forms to support your campaign. Create, duplicate and publish as many landing pages as you want. You don’t even have to understand any programming code. With simple drag & drop elements, you’ll create a landing page in no time.

Dynamic content

Dynamic content helps you send content that is relevant to the receiver. With the help of dynamic content, you can create a standard version of your email, landing page, … and adapt it based on personas. Think about a different tone of voice, different images, …

Social media

Maintaining consistent company pages on social media is a must. It shows that you are an active, engaged and legitimate business. Automation tools allow you to schedule as many posts as you want ahead of time. One day of work results in a constant fresh and up to date social media account.

Workflow automation

Marketing automation enables you to think about your buyer journey. What are the steps your buyers take from lead to customer? And how can you guide them through that process? You can create every step of your buyer journey in the automation tool and that’s it. Your tool will guide your leads through every step of the process.

Lead scores

Lead scoring allows you to organize and prioritize leads based on specific information a lead has provided, or important event activity the lead has taken a part in. This could for instance be a page visit, form fill, interaction on social media, media view, … .

Are you not familiar with these terms? Download our glossary here!
Download our ultimate guide to marketing automation terminology

Unbelievable benefits…

Marketing FiZZ
  • Save time;
  • Create and set up personalized marketing campaigns;
  • Nurture your leads;
  • Be consistent on all channels;
  • A/B testing becomes child’s play;
  • Analyze everything you can think of;
  • Suits every business type;
  • One tool replaces all other marketing tools.
Curious to find out more about these benefits? Download our whitepaper.
Download our whitepaper: ‘Why marketing automation is a must have’

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