What we do

We create authentic experiences based on the needs of your brand.


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Marketing FiZZ

1. Define the brand purpose

Each IT or software company is different. In this stage we discover the true meaning and values of your company. We also want to understand your present pursuits and future goals. After this, we should be able to communicate more clearly on your offering, positioning and strengths.  You will also have a better understanding of what the right marketing plan for your company should look like.

Marketing FiZZ

2. Develop the story

The knowledge gathered in the first stage is now shaped into your company’s brand experience. We build marketing personas and dig deep into value propositioning to find the essence. We practise a “feet-on-the-ground” philosophy, so don’t worry about hyped marketing terms, we talk the language of your market.

Marketing FiZZ

3. Execute the plan

Now the real work starts. The plan we shaped together is ready for execution. We will be as involved as you want us to be. We can take the workload completely off your shoulders, if necessary. But if you have a taste for marketing yourself, we value your contribution. Together, as a team, we will execute your plan to perfection.