Veos Group is a global market leader with multiple companies and branches all over the world. By collecting by-products from the food chain, Veos extracts and concentrates valuable proteins from blood, eggs and skins.  


After a crash course in this fascinating industry and with the input from Veos, we were able to create truly informative content. This was used in the websites, whitepapers, newsletters and PowerPoints.


Needing an update, we took care of the design and content for the Valco/Valoroeuf website. This resulted in a simplified, professional looking website. Giving it a quick glance, people recognise why they should get involved with Valco/Valoroeuf.


Each of the companies was in need for a new branding. While being independent, there still had to be a connection. This coherent branding is now visible throughout their websites, presentations, newsletters, whitepapers and booths at events.


Events and fairs are good opportunities for a company to meet clients and leads, and to showcase new innovations. Veos needed help in increasing brand awareness and arranging promotional resources for their various events. From designing to creating promotional flyers and product sheets, we made sure people recognised Veos.  


With a 3-monthly newsletter, Actipro informs customers and partners about their latest activities and insights. By creating, sending and analysing these newsletters we make sure customers and partners remain up to date.