Spikes advises and develops solutions for IT, HR and business leaders throughout their transformation to a digital future! They transform the collaboration culture in an organisation to a secure functional digital workplace foundation. Selling digital transformation is important to stay ahead in their own marketing methods as well.

Thats where Marketing FiZZ came in, we partnered up for a full blown marketing approach; from advice and strategy to on site execution supported with automation tools. The full 360°-approach.


Spikes recognised the need for a partner to guide them in their own marketing strategy. From defining clear objectives and visualizing the relevant target groups to the creation of a targeted marketing media mix, we’ve done it all.



In their search for a new identity, Spikes approached us to simplify this process. After a workshop we got all the input we needed to create a fresh and energetic logo. Soon after, the rest of the branding followed. A new, dynamic website was launched. We also branded their offices, conference booth and goodies. 


Writing compelling content is one thing, getting the desired target groups to notice it another. We supported Spikes in setting up off-and online campaigns to get their message across. Using blogs and advertising on LinkedIn and Google, we directed leads to a landing page. With interesting blogs, manuals and testimonials we truly engaged them.



Who doesn’t want to work efficiently? We advised Spikes on working with marketing automation. Streamlining all processes made sure marketing flows, campaigns, social media were set up correctly. This ensured a good follow up and an effective approach.


The reference cases and video testimonials have become hugely popular the past few years. Spikes is not a company to stay behind. We created multiple (video) reference stories and put together detailed cases.



The branding project was the base for long term relationship with this client. We engaged in a partnership and realized multiple projects together. One of those things are the Spikes events. They host events for both prospects and customers, where they handle different subjects such as digital transformation or security. At other times the events are focused on their community where sharing knowledge and networking is key.

On site

To fully support Spikes we really became part of their company. A dedicated Marketing FiZZ team member assisted the marketing efforts by working on site. This enabled a very effective collaboration.