Orbit Geospatial Technologies is world leader in solutions for exploiting Mobile, UAS and Aerial Mapping data in managing, viewing, extraction, publishing and embedding in workflows.


We wrote a comprehensive marketing plan for Orbit GT defining all marketing efforts to help them to reach their business objectives.


Orbit GT desired a more professional look and feel for their website and other resources. First, we designed parts of the website linking it with the concept of smart city. We also frequently design on- and offline advertisements, ranging from facts sheets and magazines to banners.



We put a lot of effort in Orbit GT’s marketing: marketing for partners and clients, on-and offline communications, upselling, cross selling… the list goes on. To streamline all processes, we advised on implementing marketing automation software using SharpSpring. Creating marketing flows, following up on social media and setting up campaigns to guide leads to the different stages of the customer journey became a standard.


Orbit GT introduced ‘Quarterly Quick View’, which gives readers an update. The flow and follow up of these newsletters were all done by us with the help of SharpSpring, our marketing automation tool.


Events are a perfect way to introduce new services and products. Marketing FiZZ delivered the support Orbit GT needed to effectively organise such an undertaking. From planning to actual execution, we were involved. This included advising on the booth design, sending out communications to reach the desired audience and arranging promotional merchandising.

On site

Orbit GT was in need for extra manpower in the marketing department due to their ambitious plans. At Marketing FiZZ we go the extra mile to assist our clients. A couple of days a week a dedicated Marketing FiZZ team member works within their company to execute on the marketing plan.