IT Provider consists of a driven team of young and experienced IT professionals, who relieve you of all your ICT worries. They join forces to serve their customers with quality products and a personal service.


First of all, we sat down with IT Provider. Together with them we discussed and defined the target group: the entrepreneurs. To find out how we could best reach them, we conducted thorough research. With these results we set to work and adjusted our communication to the needs of the entrepreneur.

Employer branding

We all know the war for talent is tough. As a company, you have to stand out from the crowd. That’s why striking videos were made for IT Provider with the help of the Flemish comedian, Jens Dendoncker. We promote these videos on social media with the aim of finding the right candidate!

Reference cases

But what’s it like working with IT Provider? And why should companies choose for them? Together with a cameraman, we went to one of their clients, Camerlynck. We recorded a professional reference case that we publish on IT Provider’s website and social media.


In order to keep the social media of IT Provider active, we set up a content calendar. This is supplemented with tips and tricks, videos, blog posts, …