Value proposition

Enprove makes it easy for companies to monitor, analyze and minimize their energy consumption. We were contacted by Enprove to give some new energy to the brand itself. We started of with different workshops where we discussed the true meaning and values of the company. We also wanted to understand their present pursuits and future goals. This way we were able to capture the real essence of Enprove and wrote this down in a detailed value proposition.

Based on this value proposition we developed a new branding and website, that reflects the dynamic of this amazing company.


Enprove has a close relationship with its customers and spends a lot of effort maintaining these relations. We offer Enprove engaging content for this close community and convert this content into blogs and newsletters. Not only the current customers are informed, prospect and new leads are also attracted with valuable insights and advice.

Enprove brings this community together during interesting events where customers can learn about several ways to improve their energy usage and efficiency. To take some of this workload of their shoulders we design original invites for these dynamic events.


Employer branding

Enprove is always searching for new talented people to complete their team, therefore they are looking for inventive ways to attract new applicants. We frequently design creative job vacancies and LinkedIn campaigns to help them with this quest.