Ecerium turns their years of expertise in developing software solutions, to create the Ecerium microservice ecosystem. These are a ‘fit-to-functionality’ modular set of software building blocks, to be used à la carte, separately or together. This reduces application development time and creates a shorter time-to-market. A plan of attack defining the right audience and media, that’s where we came in.

Plan of attack

Gathering leads is no easy feat, it needs a strategic approach for the long run. First step was to define the overall objectives. Next was to identify the prospects and find out what Ecerium could mean to them. Having gathered all necessary information, we started working on a plan of attack.

This led to a campaign where we positioned Ecerium as the authority on agile microservices. From developers for developers.


Creating content was an important cornerstone in our plan of attack. When executed properly, it gives a company the chance to convince prospects of their knowledge on the subject. And Ecerium had plenty of knowledge in house.

Be found (SEO/SEA)

The next step? To be find by our target audience! We defined keywords and set up an Adwords campaign.