Ladies and gentlemen, we would like to introduce our oldest customer: Credon! Credon is BI Expert in Benelux for Qlik & Power BI solutions. They offer Business Intelligence for organisations who want their data to be accessible in a fast and visually attractive way. They house a team of certified BI-consultants.

The full package

For years we’ve been taking care of the complete marketing for Credon. We design an annual marketing plan that we execute methodically: website, lead generation, customer nurturing, employer branding, brand awareness, … They get the full FiZZ-experience.


In 2019, we launched Credon 2.0. We decided to start from scratch. With a new marketing plan and new business goals, we turned everything around. We gave Credon’s website a complete makeover with a new layout, a new look-and-feel, new landing pages, … We even built an extra website to promote the Credon Academy.


Several campaigns were set in motion to nurture leads down the sales funnel. Deploying on SEA, social media, free demos, … creates a fantastic mix that generates more leads. 

Also customer nurturing had to be maintained! Customers now frequently receive an email with the latest Product Updates. They are also invited to webinars where an expert from Credon explains the latest updates. 


Organising events is a perfect way to show what a company does. And Credon does a lot, so we organised a lot of events! Workshops to show their technologies, network events, product update webinars, … You name it! In order to promote these events, Marketing FiZZ created landing pages, banners, invites, sales materials and after-event follow-up. 

Employer branding

Talent, that’s where it all starts. It’s that one priceless item, no company can buy. To find that talent, we created Credon’s Talent Academy. Where students and professionals can learn, grow and become experts. 

From experience, we know that interns (usually) are a gift for companies. They learn everything about the company and are therefore interesting to recruit after their internship. To find these interns, we invited a lot of students to an event they couldn’t resist, called BI & Burgers. All evening long, students got to know all about Business Intelligence from Credon’s finest experts.  Afterwards they could enjoy delicious free burgers!

The best ambassadors for employer branding are the employees themselves! That’s why we created a poster wall where every employee is displayed with a personal quote. Video testimonials were then used to further explain these quotes.

Digital marketing

Credon wanted to have more online presence. That’s why we created a content calendar with creative input to engage their followers and to attract new followers. Banners, videos, reference cases, content regarding business news and fun facts are frequently posted by Marketing FiZZ. For example, we use Motivational Mondays, Qlik Win Wednesdays and Fun Fact Fridays to bring the message across in a creative way.

Reference cases

Imagine this. You’re interested in working with a particular company, but its competitors are also interesting. Which company do you choose? The best, of course. But how do you know which company is the best? Well, by hearing references from existing customers! That’s why we already filmed several testimonials for Credon, in which the customer tells about his positive experience with the company. 

Marketing Fizz coordinates these testimonials from A to Z! From conducting the interviews to publishing the videos. We take care of it all. Take a look at the other reference cases here.