Credon is BI Expert in Benelux for Qlik & Power BI solutions. They offer Business Intelligence for organisations who want their data to be accessible in a fast and visually attractive way. They house a team of certified BI-consultants.

Value proposition

Credon helps businesses to make better business decisions based on visually attractive and easily accessible data. We, on the other hand, helped them to visualise their core values. We brought all this together in one clear and authentic concept.


Credon wants to offer valuable content to their customers. They do that through their website, newsletters and other media. We offer them creative ideas and deliver to the point content ready to use in different media, while keeping an eye as well on their PR goals.

Employer branding

The human capital of the firm is of big importance to Credon’s management.  Employer branding is therefore one of the priorities at Credon.

Together with the team we organised multiple activities to improve the team spirit. We created a poster wall where every employee is displayed with a personal quote. Video testimonials were then used to further explain these quotes. Credon is also very engaged in corporate social responsibility. The communication about these projects often doesn’t get the needed attention. We try to change that and help them to create meaningful content on these topics.


Credon needed help in organising their events. We played a role in several marketing efforts. First, we took care of communication and awareness. This was done by creating landing pages, banners and sending invites to partners and customers.  We were also responsible for arranging sales materials and support during the events. After the event we did a thorough follow-up.


Credon likes to inform their partners and customers about all the latest business updates, product features and strategic vision.We create and make sure their quarterly newsletter gets send out.


A content marketing campaign was set in motion to nurture leads down the sales funnel. We created the content such as blogs, whitepapers and an infographics to truly engage these leads. Not only did we deliver or rewrite content, we also took care of the design and production of these valuable call to actions.

Website & Social

Credon’s website and social media accounts needed constant updating. Banners and content regarding business news and fun facts were added. We took care of creating the content that was needed to engage the readers.

On site

At Marketing FiZZ we believe in a hands-on approach to practice marketing. We send a dedicated team member 2 days a week to work at the Credon offices. Participation in the business meetings and collaboration with the team is essential in realising the proposed marketing plans.