Converge IT is the partner that unburdens SMBs from all their IT worries. From small inconveniences to management of a complete IT-infrastructure, Converge IT does it all. After hearing about us from one of our satisfied customers, Converge IT decided to entrust their marketing to us.


We determined Converge IT’s identity, the marketing challenges they face and what they offer their customers. After putting all the pieces into place, we developed a marketing strategy that involves campaigning, SEO, advertising and much more.


Converge IT desired a modern look & feel. We delivered a complete branding where every single item reflects the right corporate values. We covered the lot: a dynamic website, visually attractive invoices, a stunning Powerpoint, we even made branded sun screens for their cars.

Huisstijl Converge


To guide leads through the marketing funnel we defined several lead generation campaigns fitting the overall strategy. We created a flow in which prospects and customers are led to a landing page via mailings and targeted ads on LinkedIn. On this landing page, prospects find attractive and valuable call to actions to lead them further through the sales cycle, such as a quick scan, Faq IT-blogs and an infographic.  

Corporate Video

Corporate video is an important part of the marketing mix. It’s a useful tool to set a certain atmosphere and give viewers a first glimpse of what to expect from a company. In line with the new branding, we shot a short video of the team to complete their website.

Reference stories

Who better to advertise a company than its own clients. Accompanied by our camera crew we visited some of Converge IT’s customers. These inspiring talks resulted in appealing reference videos.


As the website was outdated, they asked us to design and create a new one. We gave the website a fresh look & feel and provided content that engages visitors.



It would be a shame for such a good looking website to be off the grid. We did an SEO analysis on possible keywords and positioned them wisely into the content of the new website. With content marketing and website optimisation, we made sure this website is easy to find.