Founded in Silicon Valley, AgilePoint developed the first comprehensive BPM technology and all-in-one solution that simplifies building agile business applications. Now providing one of the leading Low-to-No-Code application Platform as a service (aPaas) technologies in the market.

AgilePoint EMEA looked to Marketing FiZZ for tackling their EMEA marketing challenges.


The world of low code is evolving rapidly, as a newcomer AgilePoint EMEA had multiple challenges on their plate. As a partner, we guide AgilePoint EMEA in translating the US strategy to the EMEA market. Through (re)branding, cases and launch events we were able to give form to the strategy and put AgilePoint EMEA on the map.

& Awareness

To make AgilePoint top of mind, we assist them in branding their company. As an innovator AgilePoint realizes nothing is static, the same rules apply for branding. Through visual materials, actions and consistent messaging we communicate the essence of AgilePoint to the market.


Reference cases and testimonials have known an enormous growth last couple of years, as they are perfect to emphasize the benefits of product/services. After an introduction with the client, we started making that professional testimonial.

Platform launch

For the introduction of the updated AgilePoint NX7 platform, we had the pleasure to help organise a launch event, for business and IT managers from around the world, in beautiful Amsterdam. From setting up the planning to the actual execution, we were involved in the whole process. The event was hosted for both prospects and customers, handling subjects in digital transformation.