Founded in Silicon Valley, AgilePoint developed the first comprehensive BPM technology and all-in-one solution that simplifies building agile business applications. Now providing one of the leading Low-to-No-Code application Platform as a service (aPaas) technologies in the market.

The full package

Agilepoint EMEA was looking for the right people to tackle their EMEA marketing challenges. People who can translate the American strategy to the EMEA market. And that’s what they found, at Marketing FiZZ! Marketing FiZZ blew them away and soon we also got to do the global marketing of AgilePoint. They get the full FiZZ-package!

Global strategy

The world of low code is evolving rapidly. As a newcomer, AgilePoint had multiple challenges on their plate. Through (re)branding, cases and launch events we were able to give form to the strategy and put AgilePoint on the map.

(Re)branding &

To make AgilePoint top of mind, we assist them in branding their company. As an innovator AgilePoint realizes nothing is static, the same rules apply for branding. Through visual aids and consistent messaging we communicate the essence of AgilePoint to the market.

Content Marketing

In order to improve online visibility of Agilepoint, we created a clear and varied content calendar spreading the word through engaging Linkedin and Facebook ads supported by Google Adwords.

Besides online visibility, we also created offline communication tools by designing and writing brochures, infographics and posters.

Reference Cases

Reference cases and testimonials are perfect to emphasize the benefits of a company. We made several customer cases that can be found on the Agilepoint website. View the example here.


For the introduction AgilePoint NX7 platform, we organised the launch event, for business and IT managers from around the world, in beautiful Amsterdam. From finding the right venue, to contacting external speakers, guarding a consistent visual style throughout the event, we were involved in the whole process. 


For technology vendors, webinars are a necessary tool in the marketing mix to showcase the benefits of the products.  Marketing FiZZ supports AgilePoint with the complete organisation and communication of their worldwide webinars.