Aexis delivers working solutions for the Office of Finance in Performance Management, BI & Data Governance. The company is located in Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxembourg and France. Aexis has a dynamic team that consists of +200 employees.


The company approached us with the request to give their website a complete makeover. “Say no more!”, said Marketing FiZZ. We gave the Aexis Belgium & The Netherlands website a completely new look. Modern, user-friendly and consistent with their corporate identity.

Social media

Also Aexis’ social media had to be taken care of. We created a structured content calendar with alternating posts.


In order to reach more attendees at Aexis’ events, we set up personalized inmails en sponsored advertisements on LinkedIn. The used call-to-actions motivated interested finance managers to register for the events.


We designed flyers and created a PowerPoint template, completely in the corporate identity of Aexis.