What Are the IT Trends in Marketing and How Can It Help in B2B?
Feb 2020

What Are the IT Trends in Marketing and How Can It Help in B2B?

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Understanding the B2B industry and where it is headed every year can be a strenuous task, especially if you don’t know what to look for. Several IT trends can help you to identify the best trends to help in B2B and get you ahead of the competition. 2020 is here, and with it, businesses can finally expect marketing trends to change and affect any upcoming strategies that you may have planned. Below are some of the key trends that businesses should expect and use to drive their sales.

Increased Personalization With AI

Digital/content marketing and AI are the next big thing for keeping your business ahead of the competition. Personalized marketing has been a point of focus for many B2B marketers for the last few years. Artificial Intelligence offers constant support as customer data and offers personalized data to B2B buyers. Digital/content marketing and AI has blessed businesses with product recommendation and intelligent anticipation for quick and smart interaction with chatbots.

Hyperlocal Targeting for Mobile Users

IT and AI have impacted the B2B marketing world significantly in the past decades, with the rapid technological advancements. Marketers can now target their customers more effectively using social media websites and other online advertising platforms. Safe to say that the digital world of B2B has become hyperlocal, enabling marketers to pay more attention to using the digital landscape to target B2B buyers that use local searches. This trend also makes hyper-personalization possible as marketers now have their customers’ personalized data and use it to provide more personalized content.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

AI and ML have also taken an upward spring since its inception, with powerful marketing automation becoming a highly segmented marketing tool. The spontaneous rise in AI and ML has fueled marketing automation and segmented B2B buyers to their buying behaviors. You must also watch out for big data qubits, which are an essential aspect of any lifecycle marketing and has become a leading trend in providing personalization in and B2B marketing campaign. Businesses that use big data qubits for their personalized lifecycle marketing enjoy higher revenue than businesses that don’t.

Chatbots Lead the Way

Thanks to IT and AI advancements, chatbots can now operate and manage B2B marketing autonomously with a little programming and customization. It is evident that when combined, what B2B and IT have achieved has kept the leads of many businesses engaged. This life-altering power of automation also makes hyper-personalization more achievable as they get more tasks completed in record time.

Bottom Line

From the above information, it is evident that B2B and IT critical elements that every business must incorporate in its marketing trends to achieve its objectives. AI and IT are the new faces of B2B marketing that any business must adopt this year to stay competitive.

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