How to create content – according to the buyers journey
May 2017

How to create content – according to the buyers journey

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The second you start working with inbound marketing you should start creating content for your company. So that means all the knowledge, experience and information that you want to share with your buyer personas. It can be in the form of blog posts, how-to-do guides, cases or webinars. Content should be at the heart of your inbound marketing strategy and we will go over how you can create content that will lead to more customers.



1.Set goals
What is the goal of your inbound marketing strategy? How much traffic do you want to get to your site, how many leads or customers do you want?

2.Buyer personas
Not sure what we mean with buyer personas? Read our blog post on buyer person here 

To reach your buyer personas you should know who they are and what kind of needs they have. Talk to your sales team, they often have the best overview over what your buyer personas need.

3. Convert your buyer personas
When you know who your buyer personas are, you can use the buyer journey which has 3 stages: awareness, consideration and decision. Based on these 3 stages you can ask yourself some key question that can answer your buyer personas needs.

Awareness: what is your buyer personas problem?
Consideration: how can your buyer persona solve this problem?
Decision: Who can solve your buyer personas problem?

 4.Create guides
When the questions have been answered you can create guides for example, based on where your buyer persona is in the buyer journey. The method is simple, let’s say your company makes websites. Your buyer persona is looking for someone who can update his website, since his is old and hasn’t been updated in years. Here are 3 examples of guides in the 3 different stages of the buyer journey:

Guide 1 – Awareness
10 reason why should change websites

Guide 2 – Consideration
How do you know if your website is outdated?

Guide 3- Decision
The result when we redesigned customer X’s website

5. Write blog posts
When the guides have been created, you write blog posts that gets linked to the guides. When writing the blog post, you can follow the same logic as the guides when it comes to buyer’s journey.

Awareness – Blog post
What characterizes a good website?
You might be losing customers with your old website.

This is how you know your website is outdated
5 tips to redesign your website

How much is a new website?
How to find the website designer in X.

6. Creating CTA’S
First of all, CTA stands for click to action. A CTA is a clickable picture, a link or a button that it is usually placed on your blog or website to encourage visitor to take a certain action.  This is action can be to download an e-book, and by doing so we are converting a visitor into a lead. The CTA will lead the visitor to a form that they will fill in, in order to download the e-book. So by placing a CTA in our blog post or on websites we are able to guide our visitor easier through the buyer’s journey.

When you have published your guides and blog posts, remember to share and promote them through your company’s social media channels.

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