GDPR and the content marketer
Feb 2018

GDPR and the content marketer

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The 25th of May 2018, a date you definitely all know and marked in bright red on your calendar. That Friday we will all have to be compliant with the new GDPR rules. And when I say ‘all of us’, I really mean everybody. The new law will be applicable on all companies that work with personal data, data from customers, leads, prospects, whatsoever. (not applicable to general emails like And from now on not only the owner of the data is responsible for the safety of it, every processor can be held responsible as well.

GDPR one-on-one

For those of you that have been too busy achieving other goals and are not yet in the GDPR compliancy rush, here is a short recap of the biggest changes. Take a quick look at this short list or read our full GDPR glossary in our whitepaper.

Explicit consent: The new law dictates that marketing communications can only be send to people who have explicitly indicated they want to receive that content type from your brand.

Right to be forgotten: The new law implies that at any given moment consumers have the right to demand to be forgotten and that you delete all of their data out of your database.

Documentation: It’s obligatory that the goal and origin of data can be consulted at any time. Simply put, you must remember where, how and why you collected this person’s data.

This might sound like your business will never be the same again. But, there is no real need to worry. If you prepare this properly and take the right steps, one at a time, this will not be the end of the world.

When consent becomes the marketers’ best friend

I told you about that explicit consent right? What if we don’t only see this as a pain in the ass, what if we made this into our strength? You must be thinking something hit me in the head. Well it’s actually not that difficult. Nowadays still a lot of marketers spam and spam and spam. That time of sharing irrelevant content is now in the past. Now we, content marketers, can truly start creating targeted marketing campaigns for people that are really engaged with our brand.

Want to know how? Download our full whitepaper on GDPR and the content marketer!

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