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Sandra, founder of Marketing FiZZ, was Partner Marketing Manager for global ICT leaders for more than 10 years. These 10 years resulted in great experiences, amazing projects and a huge network. But every partner she visited, Sandra saw the same pain, the same need. Business owners were excited about the marketing plans and proposals but the execution did not get the needed attention. They were grateful for all the big ideas and marketing schemes but they lacked the time to do something with it. This urgent need in the market got her thinking and that’s how Marketing FiZZ was born.

Our agency wants to unburden IT and software companies. We take care of everything that is marketing related. This way, managers can focus on other priorities and work their true strengths. We always start from your business and the market you’re in. Marketing is a very personal thing so we stand for custom-made plans. Trust and partnership are key in our relationships. When you tell us your true strengths and flaws, we can realize great things together and make a difference.

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Build your plan with expertise

You would like a marketing plan made by a senior marketeer, but don’t have the need to have that person on board all the time? 

Based on what you want to accomplish, your goals, needs and budgets, our most experienced marketing accountants create a pragmatic and realistic plan, but it’s our hands-on marketing consultants that will help you to execute. 


A network of experts

Marketing and communication is developing fast: social media, SEO, SEA, inbound marketing… who keeps up?!

Through a single contactperson, you get access to a wide network of expertise without having to deal with different contacts and multiple briefings.


Custom-made solutions

Our services are completely custom-made for you. From outsourcing your entire marketing department to helping you define your social media or PR plan, or only sending out your newsletters, our services include what you need and when you need it. 

We are flexible and want to contribute to your success. 


Marketing Fizz Family

Our hybrid team of marketing consultants works to help grow your business. We push the boundaries of marketing channels, creating engaging experiences online and offline. We execute with insight-driven creative excellence that transforms touch points into measurable results.

But our family is larger than that. We added several digital wizards, who are true experts in their field. This way we can ensure our clients qualitative results for any particular project.

Sandra Beelaert
Egon Stornebrink
Marketing Consultant
Liese Bols
Marketing consultant
Gwenn Van Assche
Marketing Consultant
Charlotte Demunter
Jasper Van Beurden
Marketing Consultant
Our content & copywriters
Copywriting, SEO-copywriting, translations, content, PR, ...

Want to join us?

We are always looking great freelancers, interns who are eager to learn or new colleagues. Come meet us and let’s have a chat!
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