Marketing FiZZ is a Belgian marketing agency for IT and software companies looking to grow. We offer a large range of marketing expertise such as content marketing, PR, social media and newsletter to mention some.
We take a unique and holistic marketing approach centered around inbound marketing whilst offering immediate action, to the point communication and lots of fizz.

Build your plan with expertise

You would like a marketing plan made by an senior marketeer, but don’t have the need to have that person on board all the time? 

Based on what you want to accomplish, your goals, needs and budgets, our most experienced marketing managers create a pragmatic and realistic plan, but it’s our hands-on marketing consultants that will help you to execute. 

A network of experts

Marketing and communication is developing fast: social media, SEO, SEA, inbound marketing… who keeps up?!

Through a single contactperson, you get access to a wide network of expertise without having to deal with different contacts and multiple briefings.


Our services are completely custom-made.  From outsourcing your entire marketing department to helping you define your social media or PR plan, or only sending out your newsletters, our services include what you need and when you need it. 

We are flexible and want to contribute to your success. 

We Do

Each IT and software company is different, and therefore, we want to sit down and listen to your story. We want to understand your present pursuits and future goals. 

With decades of experience in the IT and software industry Marketing FiZZ will be able to understand your needs and create a strategic marketing plan tailored to your budget and goals.

We take a personal and dedicated approach to every project we work on. Each of our clients is guaranteed of our finest service; after all, our agency exist to drive results for you.



Marketing FiZZ will guide you from A to Z, from developing a marketing strategy down to the execution. We will offer the perfect package depending on your needs!

Check out our approach!

Content Marketing

Attractive content that will convince your future customers! 

Want some insights already? 

Social Media

Did you know that Linkedin had over 2 million accounts in Belgium in 2014?

Where else would you find a channel where you could get access to that many business profiles with limited budgets?  Social media can no longer be ignored!

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Video & Photography

Custom Photo and Video supporting your marketing needs

Did you know that 71% of marketeers that use video say that it creates more conversions than other marketing content efforts?


We make sure your newsletter goes out as scheduled.

Check out our free tips for newsletters

Google Adwords

Advertising is now possible for everyone!

Google Adwords changed the world of advertising.  Advertising is now possible for almost everyone because with small budgets you can target a select audience and analyse and monitor the conversion.

Read further for some tips!


PR Matters

We are content specialists. We generate authentic stories that gets people talking.  We pick out the best bits of brands and get people excited about them.

Reference Stories

Turn your customer into an ambassador!

Find out more about our services.

Meet our team

The ideas are in the mix!

Our hybrid team works to help grow your business. 

We push the boundaries of marketing channels, creating engaging experiences online and offline. We execute with insight-driven creative excellence that transforms touch points into measurable results.

You are a marketing or PR expert and want to share your fiZZ with our customers?

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Have a look at some of our projects!

Whether you are a big or small company, with low or high budgets…
you will be very important to us!

Coffee or Tea

You are not looking for anything formal, but you are curious about the options that could work for you? Say no more, contact us for a non-formal coffee or tea-meet-up to discuss

Breakfast Meeting

You are interested in talking to one of our experts and getting further information on how Marketing FiZZ can help your business? Contact us and we’ll bring the croissants and do some brainstorming together

Full Day Workshop

You will have our undivided attention during a tailored workshop for your business. At the end of the workshop we will have developed a plan for your inbound marketing strategy based on our expertise. Contact us for full day workshop 


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